CUCMe [Q] Dataflows but sometimes nothing noticible happens?

Sun, 11 Dec 1994 06:24:20 -0500

Set-up here; MacTCP, slip, 14k4 modem little bandwidth effectively 9k.
CUCMe receive only (for now)

System : Mac FX , 20 Mb, 8.24 graphics accelerator (on),

If I use CUCMe for a while (as the only tcp/ip app) I notice continues
dataflow to my mac;
but nothing in the windows changes (or not much) ( all audio switched off )
all windows show >90% packet-loss, 0fps, 0 data. If I connect again
sometimes I have (relatively) vast updates of chunks of the window so my
receiving bandwidth allows this, I know of the bandwidth-feedback to the

What is this data coming in (modem observation)? I want to be sure I miss
nothing :) better my system has no drain-pipe somewhere.

1. Are these 8*8 pixars refreshes I allready have ?
2. sometimes clicking the window seems to update it but this could be
3. control data?


Ko Stoel