RE>QuickCam 1. A/UX ? 2. PC software ?

Sun, 11 Dec 1994 06:24:12 -0500

>Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 18:26:51 -0800
>From: Thom Hogan <>
>Subject: RE>1. A/UX ? 2. PC software
> Reply to: RE>1. A/UX ? 2. PC software ?
>QuickCam completely takes over the serial port. We have not tested it under
>AU/X, nor do we plan to support AU/X use of the camera. If AU/X correctly
>supports QuickTime, the camera will probably work, if not, then it won't.
>We know of no PC serial port that can be configured in the manner the camera
>requires. We are working on a PC version of QuickCam, but it will probably NOT
>use the serial port.


Ko Stoel