CUCMe [D]iscuss ; Compression and codec standards

Sun, 11 Dec 1994 06:24:28 -0500

Unheard cry for bandwidth!
Is Internet going to replace POTs (Plain Old Telephone system)?
If so, we are going to have to pay for services (like Reflectors)

CUCMe runs on '90ties personal computers and Institutions free Reflectors;
that makes it popular.

But if CUCMe clogs up internet and institutional-networks more and more.......
Well all this is more fore Newgroup *.internet.*

Somewhere in the FAQ it says "..get one of the more ferocious compression
methods going and get down to 10Kbps or there-abouts. Of course, you'll
probably need at least a pentium to run the encoding/decoding..".

Is the CUCMe dev team considering optional ferocious compression?
considering a 6 cascaded 6020 cpu's system available end '95 :)

The user could choose for more bandwidth and/or processing-power
(I am such a domestic-CUCMe-user that has to pay for b/s so each time I do
CUCMe I am aware of costs)

And what compression is considered ?
(one pointer is the average upper limit of POTs lines (signal/noise ratio)
I think 28k8 b/s maybe 32 b/s in modem terms)

Could reflectors do compression-translation to existing CODECS (H.2?)

To compare things; AT&T videophones do voice & color-video over 19k2 b/s
(some signal-processors involved here) Something cosine-transform ....(Oh
boy.. Vfast/34 What!! buy a new one)

more discuss-topics in the make; anonymous transponders, pay-for services
(....yes SEX), virtual lip-sync controlled face-mimicry but I should
direct those to Newgroup *.video.*

One day CUCMe connects to oops..... let me write to Adam Curry

Ko Stoel