More re CU-SeeME & Intel ProShare

Dan Updegrove (EST)
Mon, 12 Dec 1994 01:31:08 -0500

CU-SeeMe Colleagues,

Just had a demo from my Intel rep on ProShare, which comes in four packages
for high-end Windows PCs only:

1) Point-to-point white-board and limited info sharing ($99)

2) Above plus application sharing ($299)

3) Above plus color video & audio over IPX, IP, NetBIOS ($2,500), which
includes a zooming color camera and a video compression board

4) Above plus support for ISDN ($1,500 with ISDN contract signed within
90 days -- at least that's the deal here in Pennsylvania).

This is a very slick product suite that is being marketed (to date) as an
ISDN or LAN service; it's use on the Internet has not, apparently, been
given a lot of thought. Since it wants 200 kbps using UDP, ProShare is
not a very Internet-friendly application, but at least it's point-to-point

I'd urge CU-SeeMe devotees to have a look -- if for no other reason than
to see what "the competition" is up to. I got the impression, by the way,
that Intel has no interest in a MacOS version.


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