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Mon, 12 Dec 1994 15:49:51 -0500

Hi all,

I just started playing with this program, and I find it really amazing...
At the moment I can only watch the action on the nysernet.org system, but

I found some bugs which I would like to report to the developers.
System here in New Zealand:
486 DX/66 VESA, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (as stand-allone), Trumpet
WinSock 2.0 Rev. A.
No Video capture card.
Connected by Ethernet to Router running PCROUTE, via 28.8 (plus compression
and error protection) Leased Line to University, via 128 kbps Frame Relay to
International gateway, via 640 kbps Frame Relay to NASA USA.

When I connect to nysernet.org, I get their 'bird's cam'.
Normally, when I see anybody else 'online', they have a wee [x] at the
begining of the line.

When I click on that line, it tells me it is an unsupported video system.
Strange, but ok.

Now I close the bird-cam window. I click again on the line below, a user
with a [x] in it.
What I get, is that the bird-cam window is opened again (the first line).
e.g. it executes the wrong line.

Just now, I watched a broadcast from a site, which actually worked for a few
moments (everything via nysernet.org).
This information line had a [v] in it.
After a few seconds, it suddenly disapeared, and got a [x] in the
information line.
Now, to me it looks like there is something wrong here. I cannot believe
they switched over to another video transmision system in the middle of the
Also, I see many people coming on-off line, and they all have a [x] and I
can't view them.
Whats wrong?

I have had some crashes here, using the program. Next time I will write down
the address where it happened...
Now, the program crashed with a GP fault. I re-started it immediately.
The program *automatically* reconnected itself to nysernet.org, because it
received the incoming packets. The program kept crashing with GP's all the time.
I had to reboot Windows, (and in that time nysernet.org probably timed out
as well), and after that, all was fine again.
I the program supposed to accept incoming packets from a previous (crashed)
session? Normally you would expect the program (or WinSock for that matter)
to reject incoming UCP's from a session which has closed (or crashed).
Anyway, the program was not happy with it, and kept crashing in this
situation, until I rebooted WinSock (and Windows too), and started fresh.

I sit here in New Zealand on the end of a 120 kbps Frame Relay link,
followed by a 28.8 (plus compression) leased line to the local university.
Therefore the bandwidth goes up and down like a jojo, between 1 kbps to 35 kbps.
When I view the bird-cam, I get ofcourse a bit of a 'pixel' mixup on the screen.
But I often see random junk blocks of data appear on the screen, where they
are not supposed to be. I am not sure if these are damaged video blocks, or
blocks which belong on another part of the screen.
I get the impression it is both. I have seen part of the bottom text appear
somewhere else.

This suggests that the protocol cannot always cope..??

I hope this report will help the developers improving the program. I am very
interested in the new sound part too!
When will we see that in Windows??

Cheers, Bart.

Bart Kindt (ZL4FOX), Sysop, Efficient Software NZ LTD