Mac CU-SeeMe does not support QuickCam's audio input

Robert Munafo (
Mon, 12 Dec 1994 15:11:45 -0500

Yes, that's the problem. I think we should get this out into the open once
and for all: CU-SeeMe on the Macintosh does not support the QuickCam audio
input; instead it uses the Mac's built-in audio input.

QuickCam users should note that this actually helps their video frame rate,
because the QuickCam audio steals bendwidth in the serial port that could
otherwise be used for QuickCam video. So, adding support for QuickCam audio
might not actually be all that useful.

Robert P. Munafo

On Sun, 11 Dec 1994, Gary Vankirk wrote:
> Subject: Re: audio on Mac?
> Brian E. Hannon wrote:
> >I can get the mike in the quickcam to work outside of CUSeeme, and I
> >can use my Duo's mike for sound in CUSeeMe, but I want to use the
> >powermac... and the sound through the cam just doesn't work.
> [...] After Brian's
> note I started checking and with CUSee-Me, even with the QuickCam selected
> in the Sound control panel, the internal mic provides the sound input.
> [...]
> Apparently, there may need to be a means of selecting the audio input
> device from within CUSee-Me, as well as the means to select the video
> input.
> [...]