ListProcessor Restored to Health (Non-Technical Edition)

Michael S Shappe (
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 21:47:55 -0500

The error that has caused the List Processor to malfunction in a variety of
creative ways has at last been caught and vanquished. As a result:

1] The B5-REVIEW-L and CU-SEEME-L lists should now once more
be fully and correctly functional. All MODERATED-NO-EDIT
lists should also now be Doing The Right Thing(tm).

2] Commands to should now once again work.

3] All mail should now once again have subject headers.

We believe that several of the "Heisenbugs" we have been seeing since
BEFORE this past Sunday may be related to the problem that triggered these
bugs as well. Sue, Marco & Tasos (the package's maintainers), and I will
continue to investigate the root causes try to stamp them out once and for

Many thanks to CREN's Marco Hernandez, who spent the past six hours on the
telephone with me helping me to track this monster to its lair and kill it

Mike Shappe for listmgr