New User Question -

Steven Lewis Rosenthal (
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 06:55:01 -0500

I am new to the internet. When I heard about CU-SeeMe I had to try it .I am
very interested in using CU-SeeMe to visit with my brand new granddaughter
in New Mexico. Her dad has an equivalent setup as me.

I am running a 660AV with a SONY style camcorder connected. I have
downloaded the newest CU-SeeMe software .70b14. I am running system 7.5 and
I have MacTCP in my system folder. I have not gotten an IP connection yet
but will take the necessary steps through or whoever has a
better deal.

First question - when I attempt to launch CU-SeeMe it fails and provides
the following error message "Error - 98 during 'Can't Open MacTCP'.

What does this mean? Please help me get rolling. Thanks in advance.

Steven Rosenthal