QuickCam Sound input

Gary Vankirk (vankirk@koko.csustan.edu)
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 13:58:34 -0500

I just want to put this issue back on the table so it doesn't get forgotten
due to the server breakdown:

Robert Munafo wrote:
>Yes, that's the problem. I think we should get this out into the open once
>and for all: CU-SeeMe on the Macintosh does not support the QuickCam audio
>input; instead it uses the Mac's built-in audio input.
>QuickCam users should note that this actually helps their video frame rate,
>because the QuickCam audio steals bendwidth in the serial port that could
>otherwise be used for QuickCam video. So, adding support for QuickCam audio
>might not actually be all that useful.

>On Sun, 11 Dec 1994, Gary Vankirk wrote:
>> Subject: Re: audio on Mac?
>> Brian E. Hannon wrote:
>> >I can get the mike in the quickcam to work outside of CUSeeme, and I
>> >can use my Duo's mike for sound in CUSeeMe, but I want to use the
>> >powermac... and the sound through the cam just doesn't work.
>> [...] After Brian's
>> note I started checking and with CUSee-Me, even with the QuickCam selected
>> in the Sound control panel, the internal mic provides the sound input.
>> [...]
>> Apparently, there may need to be a means of selecting the audio input
>> device from within CUSee-Me, as well as the means to select the video
>> input.
>> [...]