Creative Labs Video Capture Boards

Gary Vankirk (
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 14:49:56 -0500

It appears as though we PC users are in a bit of a quandry. I've
consistently read through this list server that the two popular boards
for using CU-SeeMe on the PC are Creative Labs FS200 and Spigot boards.

The problem is, Creative Labs has discontinued both models, and even if you
could find any left in someone's inventory, you may have a horrid time trying
to get the FS200 to work (don't know about the Spigot). I certainly did, and
so have others. It boiled down to the FS200 being VERY picky about what VGA
card and bus-type were being used. I finally gave up on trying to use the
FS200 on my PC's (one uses ISA and a generic, unidentifiable VGA board, and the
other uses PCI and a Phoenix S3 Vision 864 board).

Also, the FS200 board wasn't really intended to do full motion video capture,
desktop video conferencing, etc. It is really meant (according to Creative
Labs technical support) for still capture and overlay (to send security camera
video to a PC in a building security room, for example). For full motion video
capture situations, Creative Labs recommends the new RT300 capture board, which
they use with their own Desktop Video Conferencing package (the Sharevision
PC300 and PC3000 packages). Problem is, that board requires Microsoft Video
for Windows V1.1, and apparently won't run on V1.0. Further problem, CU-SeeMe
requires the Microsoft Video for Windows V1.0 DLL, and apparently won't run on
the V1.1 DLL.

So, can the CU-SeeMe developers verify that CU-SeeMe won't run with the MS VFW
V1.1 DLL, and if so, let us know when they plan on upgrading CU-SeeMe to use
V1.1 ? We PC/Windows users wait with great anticipation for the answer.


John Faherty