Re: QuickCam Sound input

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 15:09:08 -0500

At 10:58 12/15/94, Gary Vankirk wrote:

>I just want to put this issue back on the table so it doesn't get forgotten
>due to the server breakdown:
>Robert Munafo wrote:
>>Yes, that's the problem. I think we should get this out into the open once
>>and for all: CU-SeeMe on the Macintosh does not support the QuickCam audio
>>input; instead it uses the Mac's built-in audio input.
>>QuickCam users should note that this actually helps their video frame rate,
>>because the QuickCam audio steals bendwidth in the serial port that could
>>otherwise be used for QuickCam video. So, adding support for QuickCam audio
>>might not actually be all that useful.


<H3>What about the audio problems I'm hearing about?</H3>

<CITE> On 13 Dec 1994 Thom Hogan ( said:</CITE><P>

We have tried to duplicate QuickCam/CU-SeeMe audio problems in house and
have not been able to. I have been led to believe there are two
limitations: (1) CU-SeeMe is using audio input drivers that do not look at
QuickTime device input (thus making the QuickCam microphone an incompatible
device); and (2) CU-SeeMe doesn't always do audio when the data
transmission rate is 14.4 kbps or less. I have no way of confirming (1)
other than to believe Cornell's responses to users, and we have not been
able to confirm (2) other than by anecdote. In every test I've tried here,
audio has worked just fine, both using the Apple's mic and using QuickCam's

We believe that any of the reported problems are due to the way CU-SeeMe is
coded or user error, not to any problem with QuickCam's software. If there
is a lingering QuickCam problem, we'd very much like to know how to
duplicate it so we can fix it.<P>

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