Re: Not enough memory

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 15:37:19 -0500

At 11:15 12/15/94, Lawrence Reeve wrote:
>When I attempt to launch CU-SeeMe.PPc0.701b14 I get a message that says there
>is not enough memory to launch the application, even when no other
>applications are running. If I try to access the Get Info Window I get the
>same 'not enough memory message'
>I am running a Mac 7100/66, 32 megs RAM, Sys7.5 with PowerTalk. I ran the
>original .bin file through Stuffit Expander 3.5.1 which left the file with the
>generic application icon. I rebuilt the desktop with extensions off and on to
>no avail, and still a generic icon. Any clues would be appreciated.

Reboot your Mac. Check the About this Macintosh window and see how you're
memory is being used. If you have enough left over, and you should with 32
MB RAM, start the program.

Are you using 24-bit addressing? (That would be bad.) Try 32-bit addressing.

Though it doesn't explain the problem, the latest version of Expander is
3.5.2, it doesn't matter if you have extentions off when you rebuild your
desktop. Perhaps it's time to use a disk integrity checker, like Norton.

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