Re: QuickCam Sound input-FWD

Gary Vankirk (
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 21:45:24 -0500

>Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 14:46:08 -0500
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>From: (Sharon Scinicariello)
>Subject: Re: QuickCam Sound input
>>I just want to put this issue back on the table so it doesn't get forgotten
>>due to the server breakdown:
>>Robert Munafo wrote:
>>>Yes, that's the problem. I think we should get this out into the open once
>>>and for all: CU-SeeMe on the Macintosh does not support the QuickCam audio
>>>input; instead it uses the Mac's built-in audio input.
>OK, a dumb question. If my Mac does not have built-in audio, will the QuickCam
>audio work?
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