Re: Replying to the list

Stan Borinski (
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 00:52:12 -0500

> Just wanted to point out that if you reply to a message from the list using
> the "reply" command in your mailer, your reply will go to the original
> sender rather than to the list. You'll note that the "From:" header
> contains the sender's address, not the list's. While I have no problem
> receiving direct mail, the person replying will not get attention and
> help/advice from the whole CU-SeeMe community.
> --gv

This is the way it should be (IMHO). Those of us who have been on the list
for a while don't need answers to the newbie questions, especially the tons
of mail regarding the QuickCam! Perhaps it's time to adopt the methodology
of the Sun Manager's list: a FAQ is posted from time-to-time, and the
individual that posts a question is responsible to post summaries, which may
get included in the FAQ if interest warrants. Just a thought.

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