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Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 02:13:00 -0500

At 21:52 12/15/94, Stan Borinski wrote:
>Perhaps it's time to adopt the methodology
>of the Sun Manager's list: a FAQ is posted from time-to-time, and the
>individual that posts a question is responsible to post summaries, which may
>get included in the FAQ if interest warrants. Just a thought.

A good thought. The reverse is true, tho: the person that posts a question
is obligated to check the FAQ. I have started an on-line FAQ for both
CU-SeeMe and the QuickCam. I second Stan's suggestion, and would ask that
y'all respond to newbie questions by lending a hand and pointing them at


And, because this is seems to be a good spot, let me ask y'all to look over
these pages and tell me what's wrong, missing, and worse. There's room for
a photo and bio for each of you, and the potential to branch out from here.
In particular, I haven't been following the PC side of things and could
certainly use one (or several) PC folks to lend some grey matter.

Connectix has been giving me info for the QuickCam page, Barre and I have
been talking about events in his neck of the woods vis-a-vis CU-SeeMe
(maybe it's time for a bit of reportage?), and the Nowhere Band and George
Coates group are using CU-SeeMe for grand art. (I'll be going to the show
shortly, and I'll certainly be putting a review and technical notes on the

Time to go to sleep.

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