Question for CU team: AppleEvents, scripting, etc.

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 02:13:10 -0500

As the semester screams to an end, and finals and snow mingle in beautiful
downtown Ithaca, New York, we in sunny California (and Japan) are wondering
about the ability to script CU-SeeMe/Macintosh.

Stephan Haller <> noted that "with CU-SeeMe for PC I
can specify an IP-address as command-line parameter" and wondered whether
he could somehow cause CU-SeeMe/Macintosh to automatically connect to a
particular reflector on start-up.

So, the questions are

(1) does CU-SeeMe/Macintosh support the four "required" AppleEvents, and if so,

(2) does AEOpen to accept an IP address

(3) does AEClose terminate the connection

Take care, East-Coasters, and Stephan: "Sato" to moshshimas, dozo yoroshku
onegai dekimaska.

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