"...the list"

Gary Vankirk (vankirk@koko.csustan.edu)
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 03:12:47 -0500

IMHO, CU-SeeMe has the potential to be a major player on the Internet and
the QuickCam will help fuel that. This is one of the "killer apps" that a
lot of folks have been waiting for: anyone with an Internet connection, a
Mac and a $100 QuickCam can go "live". You don't have to pony up 10-grand
for a conferencing system. For the PC and UNIX people I can imagine the
QuickCam talk is a waste of bandwidth, but for Mac users the QuickCam will
make the difference between being a participant and being a lurker. Even
high school students will be able to go "live-online". If the only
alternatives were a $500 FlexCam or a digitizing card and a camera, the
potential number of "broadcasters" would be limited to a small monied
elite. To me the issue here is empowerment: the CU-SeeMe crew and Connectix
have made it possible for the little guy to get in the game, too.

The flurry of mail regarding the QuickCam came about because it just
started shipping in the last month. I'm sure the traffic on it will die
down after we have all had time to play with it and work out our personal
and collective "bugs".

I am interested in the reflector mail because I hope to have a LINUX box
soon to run that software on. Very little of the PC-oriented mail is
meaningful to me, but I wouldn't suggest that those members of this list
not mention Winsock.

I think Stan Boris' idea of periodic mailing of the FAQ is a good one, but
only if someone is willing to commit the time to keep it up to date.
Perhaps an up-to-date FAQ could be automatically mailed to new subscribers,
this might cut down on rehashing stuff for the "newbies" (like me). I read
the FAQ from the Cornell ftp-site, but things have come a long way since
that document was created. I understand that Michael Sattler has put an
up-to-date FAQ on the WWW, but some users (again,like me) seldom have time
to actually plug into the Net. I work mostly over a modem and mail is the
most viable medium for me, I haven't opened Mosaic in over a month. I don't
think you can expect people to go to a WWW site, not that it's unreasonable
to think that people will use it, but unrealistic to expect them to.

I prefer to live in a world where it's OK to ask a "stupid" question
without being told it's a stupid question, even if sometimes they're being
asked of me.