CU-SeeMe / QuickCam audio problems...update, sort of

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 14:30:13 -0500

Having heard mutterings back and forth about broken audio when using the
Connectix QuickCam and CU-SeeMe, I set out to beat the bushes. Let me
begin by quoting the CU-SeeMe readme (CU-SeeMe0.70.README.11.30.txt):

***Now Hear This*** (and tell your friends):

If you are not hearing audio, and you're connecting via modem, this subtle
warning may explain your woes. Don't ask me why it doesn't work, I'm not
part of the CU-SeeMe team. The team knows about this problem; some team
members have been nice enough to keep me up-to-date.

If you're using some other network connection method (ISDN, direct) and
you're experiencing audio problems with this combination, please send a
detailed bug report to, as they've been unable to
reproduce the problem.

In a somewhat related note, the CU-SeeMe team is working with Maven's
author, and the QuickCam product manager has said to me "We'd be more than
happy to work with Charlie (we've never interacted previously) to resolve
the problem. We believe it to be at the CU-SeeMe end, but are continuing to
do testing and bug hunting at our end." Thom, Charley. Charley, Thom.

Connectix is also looking at technical issues like "Apple's sound channel
can only be used by one application at a time. If an application doesn't
let go of it because it thinks it is in operation, other apps will get no
sound. We continue to look at these problems...."

Also, Connectix is just starting a two week maintanence release cycle for
QuickCam's software, so "if we can find the problem (assuming there is one
that we can affect, of course), we'll fix it."

There you have it, sports fans. Help Connectix if you have a high-speed
connection audio problem, send me things missing from the web page (I'm
about to integrate the latest CU read-me and Jher and I are working on a
visual guide to CU-SeeMe that'll be on the web site), and do something nice
for someone today.

That is all.

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