Re: CU-SeeMe / QuickCam audio problems...update, sort of

Chris Anderson (
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 19:24:41 -0500

> ***Now Hear This*** (and tell your friends):
>If you are not hearing audio, and you're connecting via modem, this subtle
>warning may explain your woes. Don't ask me why it doesn't work, I'm not
>part of the CU-SeeMe team. The team knows about this problem; some team
>members have been nice enough to keep me up-to-date.

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I use CUsm through a 14.4kps modem, and adio works perfectly if there is no
video being sent at all. If I'm sending and recieveing a few channels of
video, audio is at best jumpy, but I can still hear it, maybe not
understand what is being said, but at least hear it. I'm using .70b14 and a
Centris 660av. Audio works over modems, just not very well.