Future direction of CU-SeeMe on the PC/Windows Platform ?

Robbie Burcham (faherty@csse.enet.dec.com)
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 22:52:21 -0500

I've tried sending this once before, but apparently the list server was down,
so ...

All appears to be not so good in new PC user land for CU-SeeMe. The 2 boards
consistently mentioned as compatible and tested - Creative Labs Video Spigot
and Video Blaster FS200 - have been discontinued. Even if they weren't
discontinued, the FS200 board doesn't seem to work right unless you have
the right VGA board (which I didn't on the 3 PC's I tried - Packard Bell Legend
2000, Digital 560 XL, and Digital 450ST). Read that as a strong suggestion
that you not buy the FS200 if you happen to find it on someones shelves - you
likely may not get it to work right for any purpose, including CU-SeeMe,
except for Overlay Video, on your PC. I can't comment on the Spigot board.

So, what are new PC Users left to do ? Creative Labs recommends their new
RT300 board (retail between $ 350 - $ 450) for full motion video capture
and desktop video conferencing (this is the board they use in their
Sharevision PC500/5000 products for this).

I have obtained and installed this board, and yes, it's pretty good
(particularly with MS Video for Windows video capture software) for video
capture. Just one problem (experienced by a previous list user) - it
doesn't work with CU-SeeMe. The previous list message indicated that
the board requires VFW 1.1, but apparently CU-SeeMe can't work with 1.1,
only 1.0.

I can more or less verify that - the RT300 board does not work with
CU-Seeme. I've tried both the VFW 1.1 DLL and the 1.0 DLL that comes
with CU-SeeMe. I get the following when I try running CU-SeeMe with the
RT300 board:

Two "Unsupported function" error message popups when I first start it up,
followed by a significant slowdown of the PC's processing. Then, when
I select the Video Format ... item from the File menu, I get an error
Popup: "RT300CAP.drv - There are no capture/encode algorithms configured
for your system". RT300CAP.drv is the capture driver for the RT300 board.
The RT300 board uses the Intel Indeo 3.2 algorithm.

So, have I done something wrong in setting up the RT300 for use with
CU-SeeMe (fingers crossed hoping that this is it), or is there really
an incompatibility (because of VFW 1.1 or Indeo 3.2, for example), and
if there is, when do the CU-SeeMe developers plan to address this ?
This feels like a key question about the future of CU-SeeMe on the
PC/Windows platform :-(