Re: CU-SeeMe / QuickCam audio problems...update, sort of

Dick Cogger (
Sat, 17 Dec 1994 13:21:40 -0500

At 2:30 PM 12/16/94, Michael Sattler, San Francisco wrote:
>Having heard mutterings back and forth about broken audio when using the
>Connectix QuickCam and CU-SeeMe, I set out to beat the bushes. Let me
>In a somewhat related note, the CU-SeeMe team is working with Maven's
>author, and the QuickCam product manager has said to me "We'd be more than
>happy to work with Charlie (we've never interacted previously) to resolve
>the problem. We believe it to be at the CU-SeeMe end, but are continuing to
>do testing and bug hunting at our end." Thom, Charley. Charley, Thom.
I can't find it now, but a recent note from Charlie Kline said that 3rd
party sound devices used to work but then didn't. We recently updated our
audio code (some of it) with recent Maven which came after they didn't
work. Previously, we had a version from before they did. This includes
the MacRecorder as well as (we presume) the QuickCam audio. Given a little
time, it should get fixed. For now, it definitely doesn't work.

Cheers, -Dick