Stephan Haller (
Sun, 18 Dec 1994 19:09:47 -0500

At 07:16 12/16/94, Ko Stoel wrote:
>It seems natural to me that web pages could contain something to fire up
>CU-SeeMe and connect besides doing web things; :) maybe even stay in
>relation to each other thus besides video&voice ... select/pan/tilt/zoom,
>exchanging other stuff (especialy exchanging text). Why invent the wheel
>and putting those things in CU-SeeMe

I am working on the same thing. I defined a new MIME-Type for use in
our lab, and it is no problem at all to start up CU-SeeMe (on PC or Mac)
from the Web.

I can't at the moment though connect directly to any site (I have to issue
a connect-command in CUSM), that's why I have been posting those questions
about automatic connection on startup by using a configuration file.

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