cuseeme launch from web, I do it like this.

Gerrit Thomson (
Mon, 19 Dec 1994 17:19:48 -0500

Hi Folks,
I launch cuseeme from a web document by configuring the view
application for telnet/tn3270 to use cuseme. Thus I pass the ip
address of the machine to connect to to cuseeme just like it wants.

So given that a view has the applicatin view for telnet/tn3270
setup as cuseeme, a web ducoment has a url like
and away you go. the document should of course have the viewer
setup explained.
I chose to use the tn3270 because I have never come across a link
using it and it uses an ip address just like what you want. Not only
that but the ip could be to a reflector or a single machine. In the
future my home page will have a url to my cuseeme desktop
transmitter. I will also use this so people can walk up to a video
conference setup and click and go.
I also understand that the writer of the gopher server and
Michigan University are about the implement a mime type of a telnet
viewer for apps like cuseeme etc. the gopher type I think will be "!"
but I am not sure.
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