Re: Choppy Audio

Ko Stoel (
Mon, 19 Dec 1994 11:20:43 -0500

>We are running Mac IIsi's on a LAN with a 56k internet connection.
>The audio is very choppy....
>Isn't there a certain amout of decompression which has to occur when
>the audio packets get to their destination ?

>The system software is 7.1.

Possible things to pay attention too;

FAQ:... use apple SoundManager 3.0
Has 7.1 that build-in? dunno; but sytem 7.5 has. I think CUSM warns for
this so you probably have it

Latest CUSM version 7.0b14 uses less bandwith for audio (16kbps) (it's not
audio downward compatible with b13

Disabling AppleTalk gives CUSM more cpu-power for decompression if you need it

Some LAN cards burden your system thus eating cpu-power

If you use a modem 14k4 (not your case) swich-off Cslip compression and
modem-compression because the data is allready compressed, I've been told
that it helps. For Vfast I think the modem can decide itself to compress or

To test things locally (connect 2 mac's described in previous posting)
fidel with the ports baudrate ) 19k2 still is a bit choppy , but this is
probably due to udp/ip overhead . If you have no video at all you need more
or less to push the "connect" buttons of the 2 CUSM simultaniously.

Some Reglectors ((UK)Hallem) list you yourself as a lurker/participant ;
even as a sound-only lurker you can send sound and here it come back

As far as I know! If I was wrong I let you know

Ko Stoel

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