Audio (again!)

Larry Chace (
Mon, 19 Dec 1994 13:09:17 -0500

To everyone on our e-mail list who hasn't already heard this:

CU-SeeMe currently supports audio input ONLY if you have a Macintosh with
a built-in audio input facility. That is, you must be able to plug your
microphone directly into the back of your Mac. If you can't (because you
don't have a Macintosh or your Mac doesn't have an audio input jack),
then CU-SeeMe will NOT (should I repeat that word?) support audio input.

Therefore, the following are typical devices that will NOT currently
support audio input:

1. Mac IIci (no built-in audio input)
2. the MacRecorder (it is not Macintosh built-in audio)
3. the QuickCam (it is not Macintosh built-in audio)
4. any Windows machine (it is not a Machintosh)
5. a 1964 Chevrolet.
6. etc.

The appropriate folks ARE working on getting non-built-in audio input
working for the Macintosh versions of CU-SeeMe. The appropriate persons
ARE working on audio input and audio output for Windows. We don't know
when any of those projects will be complete.

It is sad that the Connectix folks tested their QuickCam with a very early
version of CU-SeeMe (before non-built-in audio-in got broken!) and not with
the more current ones, and it is sad that their manual nevertheless says
that the QuickCam *does* work with CU-SeeMe, but all that is water over the
bridge (or something similar)!

Apologies to those who have already figured this out. Apologies also for
stating that replies go to this entire list by default; that is not the
case, since Dick Cogger specifically set it up to do "reply to sender".
(That means that any "private conversations" on this list are being sent on

Now, don't get me started on trying to do "real" audio and video at 9600
Kbaud, 14.4 Kbaud, 19.2 Kbaud, etc.........

Happy Holidays!

Larry Chace (