Extended Open House

Ben Domenico (ben@unidata.ucar.edu)
Mon, 19 Dec 1994 13:30:45 -0500


We are planning an open house to celebrate the 35th
Anniversary of the University Corporation for
Atmospheric Research (UCAR) here in Boulder next year.
Having seen a few demos of cu-seeme and tried it out in
receive-only mode, I thought it might be possible
to extend our open house electronically by using
cu-seeme on computers here and on others at the
sites of some of the universities who are members
of the UCAR family. That would allow the people
who actually attend the open house at the UCAR/NCAR
buildings to "visit" the participating unversities
via cu-seeme and would allow others on the net to
visit exhibits at UCAR/NCAR and at the universities.

The main open house would be on a Saturday so our hope
is that the impact on the net would not be overwhelming.
We'd also be doing a limited "dress rehearsal" the
Friday afternoon before. My thought now is to have
about a dozen Macs at the sites here in Boulder and
a similar number operating at participating

Given my very limited experience working with cu-seeme,
I'm wondering if any of you have tried to do this sort
of thing, whether you think it's practical, and what
recommendations you have for making it a success.

Thanks in advance,
Ben Domenico Unidata Program Manager
http://www.unidata.ucar.edu P.O. Box 3000
ben@unidata.ucar.edu Boulder, CO 80307
(303)497-8631 FAX: (303)497-8690