Re: Reflector 2.40b4 / 2.50b1 probs

Borre Ludvigsen (
Tue, 20 Dec 1994 08:28:00 -0500


Here are the first few lines of the readme file which is available on
my server:

Cornell Reflector Version 2.40B4

PLEASE NOTE: The current version of the reflector software
allows nv to display CU-SeeMe video, but CU-SeeMe cannot
display nv video. This has been an ongoing point of

If you are compiling this code on a machine without a multicast
kernel, you will have to remove the -DMULTI definition from
the makefile.

If you are connecting reflectors together, make sure that all
the reflectors are using the same version.

We run 2.50B1 on both our reflectors and the MOTD function workd fine.

- Barre

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, Ben Anderson wrote:

> Season's greetings..
> This post is all about some problems I have run into with reflectors - if
> you don't know about reflectors please don't bother to read further!
> Our setup is :- two 2.30 or earlier reflectors (call them L's and B's) are
> tied together using UNICAST_REF and have been working fine until now. L's
> reflector is also multicast enabled and we can therefore use nv3.2 to check
> out who's hanging around on the two reflectors.
> I have recently updated L's reflector from 2.3 (version ?) to 2.40b4 and
> have noticed some odd behaviour as a result.
> - all video streams from B's reflector are now garbled, ie CU-SeeMe shows a
> grey window - L's reflector knows video should be arriving and passes this
> knowledge on to CU-SeeMe, but CU-SeeMe will not display the video.
> - possibly related behaviour: I used nv3.2 to have a look at all the video
> being multicast from L's reflector and it attempted to display the 'lost'
> video coming via B's reflector. BUT, it claimed wildly varying fps of 30 -
> 60 and similarly yo-yoing bandwidth usage of 100 - 400 kbs. Just in case
> this was not a fictitious stats report I killed everything PDQ. On trying
> again I noticed the same behaviour but also noticed that nv appeared to be
> trying to display the same video packets several times over as if it were
> receiving multiple copies from L's reflector (?). (This is not a problem
> with the new reflector's multicast code - video from Macs attached directly
> to L's reflector (2.40b4) does not show this odd behaviour.) If this is the
> case then presumably CU-SeeMe is refusing to display this garbled video,
> hence the grey window.
> And so to the questions:
> Is version 2.40b4 backward compatible with 2.3? If a 2.40b4 reflector is
> tied to a 2.3 reflector (or earlier) should I expect strange behaviour? Is
> the problem something to do with differences in the stats reports? Was it
> really blasting that much video out?
> Finally, I then updated again to 2.50b1. I thought this might solve things.
> Silly me. The above problem still exists and in addition, I have noticed
> that the MOTD function does not seem to work anymore :-(
> If anyone has had similar problems and can suggest solutions I'd be glad to
> hear..
> cheers
> Ben
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