NYSERNet goes to T-3 reflector

Jean Armour Polly (jpolly@nysernet.ORG)
Tue, 20 Dec 1994 12:09:49 -0500

We are happy to announce that our new T-3 Internet connection is up and
that our reflector at nysernet.org ( is running on it. We have
increased the number of concurrent connections allowed, and invite you to
stop by.

NYSERNet is a member of the Cornell CU SeeMe alpha and test site team.
Because of this, we think it is important to offer a public connect
reflector so that our affiliates, and others, may test their video
connections. I believe we are the second or third oldest site, after

Yes, that is me you see there. I usually forget that CU-SeeMe is on, since
it is buried behind all the other applications on my Mac. However I get
email all the time asking why I sit in front of a camera all day. I do a
lot of public speaking and presentations and am used to a lot of strangers
looking at me. Doesn't bother me a bit. I do like to get email though, like
the video equivalent of amateur radio QSL cards. :-)

We used to have a camera out a window so that people would see movement on
a local highway. Since audio came to CU-SeeMe this was not enough. When I
am not here, the camera is trained on a bird mobile, the warm drafts
arising from my computer make it move. A moving image is important for
people trying to connect and test. The 24 hour feed is useful for testing
from other time zones, and we leave it on as a public service.

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