Complete pic not updated after connection

Bart Kindt (
Tue, 20 Dec 1994 15:40:00 -0500

Hi all,

I am just new on the list, after two weeks of trying to get on. Seems the
list server had the flu.

I have a question, hope it is not answered somewhere else..

I run the LINUX port of the Reflector 2.50b1 on my Linux dial-in server.
I run the Windows version of CU-Seeme 0.34b4.

I connect to the reflector, and put a camera picture on. Max TX speed 15 kbps.

If one of the dial-in users connects, they get the picture alright... but
only the moving parts. Any parts which are *not* moving are not updated at all.

The only way I can force a refresh of the entire screen, is temorarely
blocking the lens with my hand. After that, the other user(s) will have a
complete update within 3 seconds.

When I set the reflector to 'SELF-REFLECT' I have the same problem myself.

When I connect to Nysernet, which in the last few days has a picture of a
room with a door (:-), the complete picture is updated immediately.

So, is the problem with the Reflector? If so, is it only the Linux port, or
is this a known problem with this version? It is the latest Linux version

Any info appreciated.

Cheers, Bart

Bart Kindt (ZL4FOX), Sysop, Efficient Software NZ LTD