Creative Labs Video Blaster FS200 Board

Bart Kindt (
Tue, 20 Dec 1994 16:30:41 -0500

I'm trying, so far in vain, to configure the FS200 board into my home PC.

After trying a number of different things over the past week, including
starting with a fresh new, barebones windows installation, config.sys,
and autoexec.bat, I'm still unable to eliminate a problem I'm experiencing -
In VFW preview mode, as well as through CU-SeeMe, I am getting a shimmying
of portions of the picture. It's something like a Max Headroom effect, where
portions of the latest scene being picked up by the camera are alternated
back and forth for a second of two with that same portion of a previous
scene from a few seconds ago. So, for example, If the camera is viewing
an empty chair, and then I sit in the chair, a portion of the captured
video will alternate back and forth very quickly for a second or two
between the empty chair and the chair with me sitting in it. Another
example, If I slowly open and close my mouth once, I'll get that
max headroom mouth movement, where the video alternates between a completely
open mouth and a completely closed mouth for a couple seconds.

Does anynone have any ideas on what might be causing this. I think about
the only two remaining things I haven't tried are a different input source
(in case the camcorder is a problem, although things look just fine in
overlay mode), and a different bus rate (e.g. - I think it's supposed to
as close as possible to 8 Mhz ?).

Many thanks for any info/help.


John Faherty