100 people watching the Nowhere Band via CU-SeeMe

Fen Lebalme (fen@nowhere.georgecoates.org)
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 00:37:42 -0500

Reflect Nowhere Now Here!

Well, the Nowhere Band, which has been holding auditions via CU-SeeMe
on the Cornell reflector, has now only 6 more performances this year.
We've got our Band of InterActors together, but we're not satisfied -
not even close! We want to make Internet history, and want you to be
a part of it!

We're working with a private, very-well-connected (multiple T3) reflector
site for our performances, and we now have multicast capability (of a
sort). What we can do is to send out-going transmissions of our Band's
performance to any number of sites that wish to receive it.

Our goal is to have 100 people on-line watching our performances (via
CU-SeeMe) before the year's end, and we'll cruise the sites looking for
new talent that would like to play in our Band. If you look good, we'll
audition you in front of a theater-full of people (we project CU-SeeMe
windows on a screen that live actors interact with) while you're sitting
in the comfort of your office/lab/where-ever!

This gig is open to everyone with a reasonably well-connected site (we
suggest at least a 128K ISDN, but T1 is better). It helps if you play
an instrument, but all you really need is your teeth (an egg helps, too)!

Don't try to figure it out - it's art! and if you think you've got what
it takes (be creative!) send your ideas to <nowhere-band@georgecoates.org>.
Our web page is a bit out-of-date, but it has some useful info, so check it
out, at the URL "http://www.georgecoates.org".

But, before any of this will work, we need the cooperation of your reflector
site. Please talk to your admin. Details:

1. we will only send signal on times & days that you grant permission
2. performance dates are Dec. 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 and 31
3. performance times are 6-10 PM PST (except Dec 31, which is 8-midnight)

Please have your reflector's admin send us their OK along with (of course)
their reflector's IP number, Internet connectivity bandwidth speed, and
dates they are willing to receive our signal. Given how quickly we're
gonna need to move (I'm feeling like a cyberspace roadie) this will GREATLY
simlify things, as we need to verify that we have permission from each
reflector before we can send our signal to it (since it is one-way).

Thank you for your cooperation, and CU on-stage!

Fen Labalme <fen@georgecoates.org>
The Nowhere Band's "Instrumentalist of Data"
George Coates Performance Works