Capture options for the PC ?

Steve Matkoski (
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 10:36:28 -0500

This is another attempt, from a different angle, at asking a key question
about video capture boards for use with CU-SeeMe on the PC.

Creative Labs is discontinuing the two boards recommended for use with CU-SeeMe
- the Spigot and FS200 boards. Those of you thinking of purchasing either from
someone who happens to have them in stock may want to keep this in mind.

Given the above, does anyone have any recommendations on other boards that
have been used successfully with CU-SeeMe (and for that matter, other capture
applications such as VFW and Adobe Premiere) on the PC/Windows platform ?

I'll start - I've tried the new Creative Labs RT300 board. In my opinion, it's
great for capturing and editing through Adobe and VFW. It doesn't, however,
work with CU-SeeMe. This is apparently because the board has on-board Intel
Indeo compression, which CU-SeeMe can't deal with (although one of the
available capture modes is Indeo Raw, which I presume is uncompressed ?)

So, can anyone recommend alternatives to Creative Labs Spigot, FS200, and RT300
boards for use with CU-SeeMe on a PC, hopefully in time for me to ask Santa
for one for Christmas ? :-)


John Faherty