B5-REVIEW-L and CU-SEEME-L Temporarily Disabled

Tue, 13 Dec 1994 11:16:08 -0500

** B5-REVIEW-L and CU-SEEME-L Temporarily Disabled

To the subscribers of B5-REVIEW-L and CU-SEEME-L.


Starting at about 21:15 EST Sunday, Cornell's List Processor began to
show several symptoms of some pathological condition, including:

1] A mailing list loop on B5-REVIEW-L (owner: Mike Shappe <mss1@cornell.edu>)

2] A mailing list loop on CU-SEEME-L (owner: Joanne Callahan <jc46@cornell.edu>)

3] The completely failure to recognize ANY commands sent to
LISTPROC@cornell.edu (manager: <listmgr@cornell.edu>)

We have been working since Monday morning with the maintainer of the software
to correct these problems. In the meantime, these two lists have
been disabled. By this, I mean that their subscriber lists have been
moved to backup files, so that current subscribers do not continue to receive
the output from the software's suddenly-discovered Sorcerer's Apprentice Mode
(cf. _Fantasia_).

What this means is that, even if the command processor starts working again,
no SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE commands will be properly processed for these
lists until the problem is fully remedied. As long as the command processor
is malfunctioning, NO commands for ANY list are being processed correctly.

Mike Shappe for listmgr