SimTV2 Global Christmas,Japan

Daisuke Kabashima (
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 11:07:38 -0500

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NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.) will host a virtual christmas bash
               -SimTV Global Christmas-
SimTV2 Global Christmas, is a 4 hour cyberland program live at 11 p.m.
December 25, 1994.

We will use interactive-television methods, where viewers can control games
and dramas via touch-tone phones. We will also introduce many aspects of
the Internet, and have party links via CU-SEE-ME,E-mail Christmas cards,
live guests from around the world via video phone, and other cyber,
rave,world-beat,togetherness kinds of things.

SimTV homepage introduces information of the show, sneak previews of the
show, media kit including a title clip and other fun stuff, and even cyber
christmas presents. So please add this to your hotlist and to other pages
introducing web pages.
Tell your friends about us.
URL is as follows:

or Send E-mail for more info: Toshio KURAMATA ""
or: Shigenori MIZUNO
(NHK is a public network TV and Radio broadcaster, like BBC or PBS.)
Daisuke Kabashima

LifeLong Learning Div,NHK, Jin-nan 2-2-1 Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-01,Japan