Who had a better 2.50b1 Reflector?

Bart Kindt (bart@dunedin.es.co.nz)
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 15:15:00 -0500

A few days ago somebody mailed they had an unofficial improved version of
the Reflector 2.50.b1. I accidentally trashed this message.

As I have several problems with the Reflector running under Linux I would
like a copy of that patched version.
Where can I find it?

My current problems with the Reflector are:

1) It does dot update the static parts of a transmitted picture when
somebody logs on; they never get the complete picture.

2) After a 'lurker' logs off, my Video TX link is *also* disconnected!

Cheers, Bart.
Bart Kindt (ZL4FOX), Sysop, Efficient Software NZ LTD