Re: CUSeeMe and LanWorkplace problem...

Chuck Elliot (
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 07:09:24 -0500

Thanks for the info - I have recovered CUCM now and I have installed
LWP4.2 so that may be the solution. Nothing else I did seemed to relevant
to fixing it.

> I was one of those people having the problem running CUSeeMe for
>windows in a LanWorplace environment. What finally solved my problem was
>obtaining the latest patch (TCP/IP Transport Update) from the Novell gopher
>or ftp server. The problem seemed to reside in Novell's version of the
>winsock.dll socket file, it was not up to par with other vendor versions and
>lacked some functionality. This latest version is much improved, for
>Novell, and seems to provide those needed functions for CUSeeMee to run.
> Let me know if you can't retreive the patch and I'll be glad to send it to
>Wendell Ramirez
>Systems Engineer
>The Orkand Corporation
>Atlanta, GA
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