Re: Reflector & Solaris 2.3?

Julian Humphries (
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 11:07:12 -0500

>I just recently compiled 2.50b1 under Solaris 2.3. It required only
>three changes, if I remember correctly:
>1) In Makefile, LIBC= -lsocket -lnsl -lucb
>2) In socket.c, you need #include <netdb.h>
>3) In util.c, you need #include <sys/sockio.h>
>I do seem to be getting unclean shut downs of the reflector, however,
>even using refmon.

To make a version for Solaris the above is close, but not quite right.
Loose the -lucb on the LIBC line, as Solaris really hates to do any
Berkeley Unix stuff (despite hype to the contrary). In addition,
take out the define for BSD in the make file. I also had to add
CC=gcc because I use the gnu compiler. Finally, the important part
is to add a define for solaris in the makefile and then add this to

#ifdef SOLARIS
#define bzero(str,size) memset (str,0,size)
#define bcopy(s,d,c) memcpy(d,s,c)
#endif /* SOLARIS */

These are the only real BSD'isms in the code, although I got lots of
warnings about stuff without casts and a few others that probably should
be checked out. Seems to work, although my testing has been minimal.
BTW, my test was on the just released version 3.00B1. Your mileage may

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