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Joanne Callahan (
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 11:24:05 -0500

*CU-SeeMe-L commands*

_Postponing receipt of mail_

You may postpone receipt of list mail. This is useful if you plan to be on
vacation or out of town and don't want to accumulate losts of mail while
you're away. Send the message SET CU-SEEME-L MAIL POSTPONE to

To begin receiving messages from the list again, there are two options:
1. The ACK command (SET CU-SEEME-L MAIL ACK) - you will begin to
receive mail again and you will receive copies of the mail that you send to
the list.

2. The NOACK command (SET CU-SEEME-L MAIL NOACK) - you will begin
to receive mail again but will not receive copies of the mail that you send
to the list. This is the list default.



You may leave the list at any time by sending the message
Please note that this message must NOT be sent to the list address
(CU-SEEME-L@CORNELL.EDU) but to the LISTSERV address



If you prefer to receive messages from CU-SEEME-L in one fell swoop, you may
use the the DIGEST option to have CU-SEEME-L messages accumulated into digests
which will be periodically sent to you. Send the following message to




Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can obtain a
list of the available archive files by sending the message "INDEX CU-SEEME-L" to
LISTSERV@CORNELL.EDU. You'll then receive a list of the archive files.

To get a specific file send the message "GET CU-SEEME-L <name of file>" to

Please note: Our listserv is annoyingly picky.
It will recognize the "GET" command when followed by the name of the
archive (the same name as the list name) and the FULL name of the
particular file. For example, for the file "cu-seeme-l.28jun94", the
command you need to send to LISTSERV@CORNELL.EDU would be:




For general information on this service and how to use it, send the
following message to LISTSERV@CORNELL.EDU:



As this list can have quite a bit of traffic, consider unsubbing (see
above) and subscribing instead to CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L which will have only
announcments from the developers and a modest ammount of other information.
Everything that goes to ANNOUNCE will go to this general list also; don't
subscribe to both! To
change to the announce list, send the following message body:

SUBSCRIBE CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L <first-name> <last-name>

(from the SAME address you used to subscribe to cu-seeme-L.)

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.
Joanne Callahan,
Administrative Assistant to Richard Cogger
CU-SeeMe team
Cornell University
Phone - (607)255-0181 Fax - (607)255-9086