Re: Anyone working with a connectix QuickCam?

Jonathan O. Joaquin (
Sat, 24 Dec 1994 03:37:15 -0500

In your signature, you signed it , "TIA". if you are trying to use
cu-seeme, it will not work. CyberSpace is soliciting for response, if there
is a big enough interest, they will incorporate it. drop them a line to let
them know that we all would like cu-seeme support in the upcoming version
of TIA...jon

>At 21:51 12/23/94, Stuart Siegler wrote:
>>I Have a connectix QuickCam, but when I Launch cu-seeme (MAC .70b1)
>Start off by getting the latest version you can find at
>, they're all QuickCam-friendly.
>>I found Digitizer Component, but am unable to digitize. Continue in rx
>>only mode?" What Gives?
>Sounds like you have your color depth set too deep. Check the FAQ at
> (I'm pretty sure this question is
>answered in more detail there.
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