Re: Capture options for the PC ?

Sat, 24 Dec 1994 17:29:12 -0500

In reply to Joan's query I'm eager to tell you that the Video Spigot
now discontinued but still around (in places) works without a feature
connector, doesn't suffer the limitation (or frustration) of 16 megs
and is proudly one of the only two boards supported by Windows NT 3.5.

Although I'm dumb enough to own a VideoBlasterSE I helped a fellow NT
3.5 person acquire the Spigot driver that came on my NT CD and it works
great by all reports. Anyone wanna swap a Spigot for PC for a brand
new VideoBlaster SE. It does overlay and lets you watch real video when
you're tired of computing?????

Hope that helps!

"Luck is a combination of
preparation and opportunity."