Re: Capture options for the PC ?

Nish the Heretic (
Sat, 24 Dec 1994 23:33:14 -0500

On Sat, 24 Dec 1994 wrote:
> Although I'm dumb enough to own a VideoBlasterSE I helped a fellow NT
> 3.5 person acquire the Spigot driver that came on my NT CD and it works
> great by all reports. Anyone wanna swap a Spigot for PC for a brand
> new VideoBlaster SE. It does overlay and lets you watch real video when
> you're tired of computing?????

Would you swap that new acquired Spigot of yours for a 5 months old
VideoBlaster FS200 then ? ;)

Anyone tried that new Creative's RT200 ? And what's that CD-I ready
supposed to do ? My CD-Rom is also CD-I ready. Anyone can explain the
diff between multimedia CD and CD-I ?