QuickCam & LC 475

Tim Lauer (timlauer@teleport.com)
Mon, 26 Dec 1994 19:41:47 -0500

I brought my QuickCam home over the holidays and have attempted to use it
and my LC 475 for CU-SeeMe via my Point to Point connection. Well after
playing around for a few days it turns out that some LC 475's (Quadra 605
and Performa 475's too) have a problem with the QuickCam. (Thanks to
Michael Sattler and
Francisco Luis Roque for their very helpful web pages.)

Found out that Connectix has a software solution, but they are closed today
and I really need to get this going before I leave town for a few days. Is
there anyone out there with the 475 software patch and if so could they
send it to me or point me to where I can pick it up.

Thanks in advance.

Tim Lauer

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