Other sound stuff

Richard Cogger (R.Cogger@cornell.edu)
Tue, 27 Dec 1994 13:27:11 -0500

Below are two cases where folks have had trouble using CU-SeeMe
audio together with other stuff that affects the sound manager in some way.
I don't know if these problems are unavoidable within the Apple sound
architecture for the 840AV, 660AV, and PowerMacs, but at this time,
consider it a restriction that you (probably) can't use Express
Modem/GeoPort adapter, Speech Recognition, etc. along with audio. I don't
know if you have to get the inits all the way out of the System Folder, or
if you can just turn some of these things off. I'm guessing the same
problem will occur with Maven.
On the 840 and 660, my understanding is that the DSP is used both
for speech recog and for Geoport and for normal sound stuff. On the
PowerMacs, I think there is a software simulation of the DSP. In any case,
judging from the following experience, you will need to choose between
CU-SeeMe audio and these other things. -Dick

-------------- From Christer Ericsson ---------------

I do have the plaintalk mic plugged in and it does work fine. I was using
speech recognition, although I kept it in standby while using CU-SeeMe.
Anyway, taking out the Speech recognition related inits did cure the
problem with Cu-SeeMe crashes when trying to use the audio. Thanks for the

>Do you have the plaintalk mic plugged in? Does it work otherwise? Are you
>using any of the speech recog stuff? Or the geoport modem stuff? Do you
>have a CD, and have you played audio CD's thru the internal speaker? That
>message (which could be kinder and gentler, I admit) means that the attempt
>to open the "SoundParameterBlock" failed, which is probably due to the
>sound manager being otherwise occupied somehow. Use the Sound control
>panel and remove any of the other sound related inits to see if you can
>establish normal operation.
>>Forgot to add the alert-info as the program crashes: SPBOpen Device Failed
>>Hello Dick,
>>I just tried 0.70b15 on my PowerMac 6100/60 with System 7.5. Unfortunatly
>>the program still crashes when I touch the audio window with the pointer.
>>It does, however, relaunch fine without the need to trash the preferences
>>file first.

---------------- From John S. Erickson ---------------

Here's a bug report: on a Quadra 840AV with Express modem turned on, CU-SeeMe
*barfs* with a 'SPBOpenDevice Failed (err=-227)' error whenever an attempt is
made to *Send* sound. There is no problem receiving...

b12 and b14 also experience this problem...

Note that we're ethernet connected; we leave the Express modem on all the
time to receive faxes...