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Kathy Kidd Plamondon (
Wed, 28 Dec 1994 02:59:10 -0500

Thank goodness, there's an explanation. I do have a Quadra 660 AV which
crashed CuSeeMe with a dialogue box about the sound. I have a Geoport on
my Quadra.

May I paraphraase what I think I understood from the message below as
the solution to the crashes? I drag Speech related files out of my
System Folder? What specifically do I take out. Where do I put these
files - on my desktop or on a floppy and trash them while I'm using
Cu-SeeMe (scarry idea.) Do I have to restart my machine after I relocate
the Speech files and before I use Cu-SeeMe?

Thank you for your patience and help.


On Tue, 27 Dec 1994, Richard Cogger wrote:

> Folks,
> Below are two cases where folks have had trouble using CU-SeeMe
> audio together with other stuff that affects the sound manager in some way.
> I don't know if these problems are unavoidable within the Apple sound
> architecture for the 840AV, 660AV, and PowerMacs, but at this time,
> consider it a restriction that you (probably) can't use Express
> Modem/GeoPort adapter, Speech Recognition, etc. along with audio. I don't
> know if you have to get the inits all the way out of the System Folder, or
> if you can just turn some of these things off. I'm guessing the same
> problem will occur with Maven.
> On the 840 and 660, my understanding is that the DSP is used both
> for speech recog and for Geoport and for normal sound stuff. On the
> PowerMacs, I think there is a software simulation of the DSP. In any case,
> judging from the following experience, you will need to choose between
> CU-SeeMe audio and these other things. -Dick
> -------------- From Christer Ericsson ---------------
> I do have the plaintalk mic plugged in and it does work fine. I was using
> speech recognition, although I kept it in standby while using CU-SeeMe.
> Anyway, taking out the Speech recognition related inits did cure the
> problem with Cu-SeeMe crashes when trying to use the audio. Thanks for the
> advice!
> >Do you have the plaintalk mic plugged in? Does it work otherwise? Are you
> >using any of the speech recog stuff? Or the geoport modem stuff? Do you
> >have a CD, and have you played audio CD's thru the internal speaker? That
> >message (which could be kinder and gentler, I admit) means that the attempt
> >to open the "SoundParameterBlock" failed, which is probably due to the
> >sound manager being otherwise occupied somehow. Use the Sound control
> >panel and remove any of the other sound related inits to see if you can
> >establish normal operation.
> >
> >-Dick
> >
> >>Forgot to add the alert-info as the program crashes: SPBOpen Device Failed
> >>err=-227.
> >>
> >>Hello Dick,
> >>
> >>I just tried 0.70b15 on my PowerMac 6100/60 with System 7.5. Unfortunatly
> >>the program still crashes when I touch the audio window with the pointer.
> >>It does, however, relaunch fine without the need to trash the preferences
> >>file first.
> ---------------- From John S. Erickson ---------------
> Here's a bug report: on a Quadra 840AV with Express modem turned on, CU-SeeMe
> *barfs* with a 'SPBOpenDevice Failed (err=-227)' error whenever an attempt is
> made to *Send* sound. There is no problem receiving...
> b12 and b14 also experience this problem...
> Note that we're ethernet connected; we leave the Express modem on all the
> time to receive faxes...

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