phone line

Todd Bolitho (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 01:05:18 -0500

I think your question is a little confusing. Would it be correct to say you
*do* want to go through the net, but not through a reflector?

>At 11:30 PM 11/29/95, steve wrote:
>>How can i use cuseeme over my isdn line WITHOUT going thru the internet
>>(in other words, I want a friend to call me direct, and establish a 2-way
>>cuseeme video teleconference). My friend has the same equipment as I do:
>>a pc, trumpet winsock, isdn, cuseeme and quickcam. The internet is slow,
>>however, and i want to know if I can bypass it. Also, this would give me
>>greater privacy, since no one else would know my ip address. Can this be
>>done? Inexpensively?
>Only by calling direct phone line, which isn't inexpensive.
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