[*]Re: CU-SEEME and AOL

Craig Kalpakjian (craigk@thing.net)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 01:01:32 -0500

> Now I dont have an account on AOL but alot of people I know do. I did
>not know they now has SLIP like connections and I would like any info on
>this . If it is truely possible to run CU-SEEME over an AOL account then I
>can connect to alot of people I never could before.
> Anyone having any info on this please respond. Any AOL'rs out there with
>Personal experience?
> Ashdown@wizvax.net

I'll answer the same question I asked a few days ago:

Direct internet (SLIP/PPP type) connections which will enable you to use
CU-SeeMe are presently possible through AOL ONLY for Windows users. Go to
keyword "winsock" and follow the instructions.

It's not possible for Mac users for now, and so far they aren't saying when
it might be.