Problem with VAT and Cu-SeeMe clients ...

Mr J.C. Evans (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 08:52:45 +0000 (GMT)


I hope someone can help on this one. I have looked around the list
archives but can't find answer. We have a problem mixing
VAT/NV clients and PC Clients all directly connected to the same
reflector (i.e. not over a Multicast tunnel).

Reflector: V4.0b3 (for Solaris2.3)
NV: V3.3beta (for Solaris2)
VAT: V3.4 (for Solaris2)
Cu-SeeMe: Windows V0.70b1

The problem is not with the video feeds, which interchange fine. The
problem is with the audio interchange. The PC-PC audio is fine. The
VAT-to-VAT audio is also OK. But the PC-to-VAT and VAT-to-PC audio is
either very garbled (due to gross clipping or due to breaks that sound
like buffering differences).

My question is really what audio setup such we be using on the Cu-SeeMe
and VAT clients so that they all work correctly ?

One more thing ... when is the next PC Cu-SeeMe release due out ?

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