Reflector question.
Fri, 01 Dec 95 11:46:00 +0000

I'm new to CU-Seeme and am experiencing some problems using the reflector.
This is probably due to some mis-understandings I have, but the fAQ does'nt
seem to help.

I've tried using 3.0b3, 4.00b1 and 4.0b3 with pretty much the same result.

What I am trying to do is to feed MBone sessions into the reflector and have
them accessable to CU-Seeme clients.

I configured the reflector (VAT-MC-IN etc) with the port
number/multicast address/conf-id of an active MBone transmission that was using
VAT and started in going. In debug mode it
says its receiving packets but it does'nt send them on to any CU-Seeme client.

Next I tried configuring the reflector to take VAT unicast. On the UNIX box
I then ran a vat session using the mix feature to the unicast port. This
worked to a MAC client (ie sound arrived)
- my PC client also seems to be sent the packets but I
did'nt get any sound (this may be a problem with the local PC setup - BTW
the readme say's the PC version does not support sound - but it seems to have
sound details in the menus and a volume control)

Finally I started a unicast VIC session on the UNIX box (generating my own
video signal in the unix machine using nv encoding) connecting to the reflector
- the reflector complains about the packet format - then hangs.

I read that the video signal should actually be generated from a CU-Seeme client
so maybe thats a non starter.

It anybody can clarify what should work and what should'nt and what I may be
doing wrong - that would be great!



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