cuseeme - capture device was not detected

Fri, 1 Dec 95 03:12:05 EST

> Newsgroups: comp.dcom.videoconf,comp.sys.laptops

I'm trying to get CU-SeeMe going on a Thinkpad 755CD running Windows-95.

CU-SeeMe is telling me: Capture device was not detected

ControlPanel -> Multimedia -> Advanced -> Video Capture Devices
shows "Capture driver for V7320" OK

ControlPanel -> System -> Device Manager -> Sound, video and game controllers
shows nothing but a joystick (but maybe that's fine)

The Windows-95 CDROM demo videos play OK (video + audio).
Only CU-SeeMe seems to be unhappy.

Does anyone know how I might get CU-SeeMe to work on a Thinkpad 755CD
with Windows-95?


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