slow isdn ??

newland (
Fri, 1 Dec 95 10:20:16 CST

Yessir, you can sure have a fast line and a slow server at the ISP.
I have been through several ISP's and am fortunate to have one now
that has fast, lightly loaded servers and even with a dialup
connection things fly now, compared to all my past trials.

You can tell if you have a loaded or slow server, if you get
frequent pauses or variable download rates when retrieving big ftp
downloads or images from internet sites using a browser. Occasionally
you'll get a slow download from a site due to the site sending slowly,
but generally this is not the case.

Steve: Shop for another provider. You're getting robbed of the
bandwidth you paid for with your line.

> Hi! Your Internet service is "slow" with ISDN?? Hmmmm.....I was
> going to get it too........Well, I see advertisements for setting up your
> "own" Internet IP Web Site. I'm not sure that is what you are looking for.

>> My friend has the same equipment as I do:
>> a pc, trumpet winsock, isdn, cuseeme and quickcam. The internet is slow,
>> however, and i want to know if I can bypass it.